It’s important to reuse.

Many of the packaging materials used to hold and dispense skincare products are not recyclable, nor can they be made from eco-friendly materials. They are, happily, very easy to clean and reuse. Soft Services customers have the option to choose to include a new component on future orders so we can create and waste less plastic. We are committed to constant innovation in our physical and digital products to reduce the burden on our planet.

If you need to order a new reusable component, reach out to or 844-959-0666.

  • Fine Mister

    This is a 612 series fine mist sprayer mechanism with a discharge rate of .10±.02ml per compression.

    Key components include a ball valve and spring forged of stainless steel and a high precision POM mist orifice—a material chosen for its strength and high geometric stability. While commonly tossed after a few uses, this small but mighty appliance has been tested to perform for 10,000 cycles.

    To clean your Fine Mister, fill your empty Clearing Mist bottle with warm water, shake, and spray the water through the component. Repeat with clean water to rinse.

  • Locking Pump

    This is a 304 Series Left-Right Locking Pump mechanism with a discharge rate of 2.00 + .20mL per compression.

    Made from three types of low-friction virgin plastic, an inner steel spring, and a small glass ball bearing, it’s meticulously designed for performance and durability. This tiny tool is the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars of development and has been tested to perform for 10,000 cycles. While commonly thrown out after dispensing a few ounces of product, these pumps are capable of dispensing 200L in their lifetime—equal to 7,000 shots of espresso.

    To clean your Locking Pump, fill your empty Carea Cream bottle with warm water and dish soap, shake, and pump the solution through the component. Repeat with clean water to rinse.

  • Theraplush Case

    This is a reverse-pressure vacuum pump surrounded by a custom designed and tooled multipart enclosure case, with an output volume of 0.55 ± 0.15mL per pump.


    Theraplush’s .05% pure retinol requires protection from oxygen exposure for best performance, so an airless pump system is required. Aesthetically inspired by carved jade ritual objects, the case houses a single 6-week treatment pod (recyclable curbside). It allows for repeat use of essential non-recyclable componentry, while also encouraging the user to incorporate Theraplush into their nightly routine. Best used as the very last step before going to sleep, the user can take off jewelry, place on the dipped surface of the magnetized lid, easily remove it to pump out an application of cream, and “close” the lid again with no need to handle cumbersome packaging with freshly-moisturized hands.