Should I use body lotion in the summer?

Some people, for genetic reasons or maybe they live in a humid climate like Houston, might not moisturize with body lotion or cream at all, letting the natural oils on their skin do their thing. “Myself? I probably could not do it if I wanted to,” says Dr. Hope Mitchell, a board-certified dermatologist. “I know the benefit of using moisturizers, so I would never [skip them]. I can definitely see why people don’t use a body lotion in the summer, because we have a lot of humidity that adds moisture to the skin.” Regularly moisturizing helps prevent and treat dry skin, so if dry skin is an issue you deal with, it’s probably best not to skip it, no matter the season.

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Dry Skin

Skin that's losing more moisture than it's able to maintain.

Also Called

Dehydrated skin, xerosis

Looks Like

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Frequently Found On

Arms, legs, feet, hands

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