Does hyperpigmentation get worse with age?

Short answer: no. Hyperpigmentation, whether an acne scar or melasma, doesn’t get worse with age, and in fact, it usually fades with age. However, certain conditions might flare in the sun, so no matter what skin discoloration issue you’re concerned with—and for all general skin health, really—it’s always smartest to avoid possible damage from the sun by wearing your trusty sunscreen, and bonus points for those big hats.

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What causes certain parts of the body to get darker/produce more melanin?

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An area of skin, maybe a dot or a patch, that's darker or lighter than its base tone.

Also Called

Hyperpigmention, hypopigmentation, scar, freckles, melasma

Looks Like

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Frequently Found On

Neck, chest, hands, arms

Related Concerns

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